OPD Care


OPD Care

Renukai Hospital provides Out-Patient Department (OPD) care to patients who require medical attention but do not require an overnight stay. The hospital has well-equipped OPD facilities, which include consultation rooms, diagnostic labs, and a pharmacy. Patients can visit the hospital's OPD during designated hours to receive medical attention from qualified doctors and specialists.

During an OPD visit, patients are first registered at the reception desk, and then directed to the appropriate specialist or general practitioner depending on their medical condition. The hospital has a team of experienced doctors, nurses, and paramedics who provide personalized care to each patient. The doctors conduct a thorough examination, review medical history, and perform necessary tests or procedures to arrive at a diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is made, the doctor prescribes medications, recommends a course of treatment, and schedules follow-up visits if required. The hospital's pharmacy provides all necessary medicines at a reasonable cost, and patients can purchase them directly from the pharmacy. The OPD also has diagnostic labs where patients can undergo various tests such as blood tests, urine tests, and imaging tests. Overall, Renukai Hospital's OPD provides comprehensive medical care to patients, with a focus on accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment, and affordable healthcare services.